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5 Surprising Health Benefits of Dates

You are a diet conscious person and being advised to avoid eating sugary foods. If you are habitual in eating refined sugar then it will deplete energy from the body. Consequently, it will increase your fats. So, you need to eat dates and will get interaction with the health benefits of dates.

It's a pleasing fact that nature provides us with amazing sweet packages alongside incredible nutrition. Dates are the wonderful package of natural sugar with a lot of health benefits. You will proteins and essential nutrients in dates and most importantly you will get satisfaction with your sweet tooth. Most importantly, you will get a lot of health benefits of dates by eating them.

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Reasons to eat the dates

Here, you will get the reasons to eat more dates. In this article, we will explain about the certain health benefits of dates. Before explaining the health benefits of dates, it is pertinent to mention here that dates are included in ketogenic foods.

After explaining the health benefits of the keto diet, we are going to give you enough details about the health benefits of dates.

In case, you are following the keto diet plan but not including dates in your diet plan then you are missing a large portion of nutrients. A little number of dates will give you the energy of a complete meal. Dates don't cover the larger portion of your food but they cover a larger portion of nutrients that you need to have.

Furthermore, it's very natural for all of us that we have sugar craving for certain times in a week. So, dates are the best package among the all-natural sugary foods. You will have the most convenient option to curb your sugar cravings with dates.

Following are the health benefits of dates  

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1. Dates are the best source of antioxidants

All kinds of dates will provide you different types of antioxidants. No matter, dates are dried or fresh. If you are containing fresh dates then you will get anthocyanidins and the carotenoids. These 2 compounds will work effectively in your body.

Contrary to the fresh dates’ proteins, the dried dates contain polyphenols. These compounds, you will also find in green tea. It’s a well-known fact that green tea is the most effective drink to maintain your weight and health.

In this way, dates also work in the same way in the maintenance of health and weight. According to several studies, if you are consuming the purest of dates then you will get the higher ration of antioxidants.

2. Dates are good to maintain blood sugar level

Dates are also the best option for attaining health benefits in the context of treating diabetic patients. Diabetes sufferers will get relief by consuming dates because dates will maintain their blood sugar levels.

According to diabetic researchers, dates will leave a low glycemic impact on your body. It is approved that if you are eating dates as your first meal of the day or alongside your other food then it will help you to settle with your Diabetes type 2.

3. Your blood pressure will be balanced with dates

You want to add dates in your daily diet then you will surely want to know about the standard serving of dates. 5 or 6 dates are good to take in your daily routine and you will get 80 milligrams of Magnesium.

According to several research studies, 370 milligrams of Magnesium is essential for an individual with blood pressure issues. This above-mentioned quantity of Magnesium will keep your blood pressure normal.

If you want to take magnesium in a very gentle and delicious way then dates are the best option. On the other hand, for 370 milligrams of Magnesium, you will have to take more dates than 5 or 6. The exceeded quantity of dates could disturb your stomach and it might happen to face diarrhea.

So, take a balanced quantity of dates for more health benefits and to prevent side effects.

4. Dates boost your brain energy

A lot of energy boosters are available in the market but might they could negatively affect you too. Few of the energy boosters contain artificial flavors and sweeteners. Apart from this, if you want to boost your brain energy with natural edibles then you don’t need to go elsewhere than picking up the dates.

Researches demonstrate that following are the compounds are associated with brain energy

  • Vitamin B
  • Choline

According to various food products, it’s authenticated that dates are containing more than 2% of choline and Vitamin B. So, in this way, dates are the approved and convenient way of improving your focusing power and brain energy and you will also get a better memory.

5. You will maintain your bone mass

Bone loss is a very common health issue that is observed in most of the menopausal females. For curing this problem in menopausal women, potassium intake is very necessary to attain. Many foods and nutrition researches elaborated that dates provide more than 140 milligrams of different nutrients.

Potassium is one of them. As we have told you earlier that dates are the best natural package of sugar and delicious sweetness. So, its gently delicious sweet taste is not only sweet, but it's also the richest source of potassium.

So, consume dates in your daily routine and make a pure potassium intake possible for you to have a healthy bone mass.

Ways of eating dates

Jogging or running is included in your daily practices. So, while running; you might want to have a fast energy response to your body. For a fast energy response, dates are really good to take.

There are several ways of eating dates. You can eat dried or fresh dates for getting health benefits. You will also have other options like you will have the option to make coconut date rolls.

Here, we are going to explain a very easy recipe for the most delicious coconut date rolls. These are the good option to carry for your occasional gatherings or picnic parties.

Coconut date rolls

Coconut date rolls are incredibly easy to make.

Following are the ingredients to make the coconut date rolls

  • You will need to take raw sunflower seeds within the quantity of 2/3 cups
  • 2/3 cups of raw nuts will make it more delicious
  • Half cup of raw walnuts are good to have the more delicious taste
  • You will have to take 1 cup of raw pumpkin seeds
  • 1 tsp of ground cinnamon powder is enough to take
  • Add 6 tbsp of vegan protein powder
  • 16 dates are good to make rolls
  • You will also need to add 2 tbsp of pure vanilla for an excellent taste
  • 1/3 cup of lemon juice is essential
  • Half cup of dried and shredded coconut

These above-mentioned ingredients will let you attain all health benefits of dates in the most delicious way.

Recipe of coconut date rolls

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You need to follow the below-given steps to prepare coconut date rolls


Mix all the above-mentioned ingredients by using a food processor. Keep it mixing well, until you will get a good consistency just like crumbs.


  • After mixing it well add lemon juice, vanilla, and most importantly dates
  • Put all these ingredients in that mixture, and process all the ingredients again
  • Take a little quantity of the mixture and squeeze to give it a shape
  • In the end, just sprinkle an adequate amount of coconut powder and put all the rolls into the fridge until you need them

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